Jewish Center in Lund (JCL) is a non-profit and independent organization whose objects are

  • to promote interest in Jewish culture, religion and history
  • to disseminate knowledge about Judaism and Jewish culture
  • to promote the encounter between the Jewish and Swedish heritage
  • to combat any form of racism, discrimination and anti-Semitism
  • to promote democracy and positive coexistence between different cultures

JCL is a Lund based association which is open for everybody who isl interested in Jewish culture, religion and history.

  • The association's activities are cultural activities with religious elements. We organize lectures, children's activities and other events related to Jewish themes and Jewish holidays, including even religious services.
  • The association doesn't have a permanent place but is alternating in different places in Lund.
  • The association's members are both Jews and non-Jews, religious and non-religious. They have their roots in addition to Sweden and Israel in eg Poland, Turkey, Germany, USA, Brazil and many other countries. 

On this site's program page, we present the association's ongoing activities - mainly in Swedish.